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What You Said

A quick thank you to those of you who completed my survey about what you might like to see in an Etsy store. I have to do some printing tests now, but your feedback is very much appreciated. I thought you might be interested in the results, too. Beside each photograph is the percentage of respondents who selected it. Respondents selected up to ten photographs each.

61% 31% 22%
33% 22% 50%
19% 25% 33%
3% 31% 14%
3% 47% 28%
42% 17% 25%
39% 22% 53%
25% 17% 6%
6% 6% 56%
33% 11% 31%

Eat the Frog

This is a short screenplay I wrote a few years back to talk about script-writing with students in the filmmaking club at my school. One of the challenges for student filmmakers is that they tend to think in terms of big budget, two-hour films which are very difficult for them to produce convincingly. The idea of this script was to write something that had some decent story to film, a bit of range for the actors to play, used accessible locations, but allowed for enough creative interpretation that students could put their mark on it. Some students are shooting a version of it this year, so I look forward to seeing what they do with it.