Walking with Friends

Yokohama, Japan. May 10, 2014.

Some days are for walking.

It happens that two of my closest friends were born on the same day, a year apart. Seems like a grand coincidence to me, though I’m sure the astrologers would say that it makes perfect sense.

Every year, when their birthday comes around, I try to spend at least part of the day walking, taking pictures of what their birthday would look like if they could spend it with me, since I am so very rarely able to spend it with either of them. This year, their birthdays fell on a Saturday, a day without obligations, a day I could spend as it chose to unfold, the kind of day that is best spent with friends.

Is it odd that thinking of far away friends can make you more present where you are?

Some of the very best things are odd.


3 thoughts on “Walking with Friends

  1. Elif Raskin

    Such a great way to celebrate birthdays of the loved ones from far away. I love it! Your walk looks wonderful, I miss the illuminated pathways in Yokohama… Thank you for sharing.

      1. damienpitter Post author

        Another wonderful thing happened while I was taking this walk. Monna was south of Yokohama, on the Izu Penninsula, taking a walk on the beach in Shimoda at exactly the same time. As I took photographs and posted them to my friends via Instagram, Monna was also taking photos on her walk. Each time one of my photos hit my feed, I’d see one she’d taken only moments before on her walk. She has written about it more eloquently on her blog, here: http://monnamcdiarmid.com/2014/08/20/a-walk-with-instagram-love/
        If you liked this, you should check it out.


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