4 thoughts on “New Puddlewonder Press Art

  1. aleafaroundtheworld

    Hi Damien,
    I love your idea of a stamp for your prints! And the design that you have created is very nicely laid out and couldn’t have represented PuddleWonder Press more.
    Fascinated by letters and typography like you, I did look into stamps, too. I was looking for creating stamps for books more, as I am a reader who likes to keep some certain books that I like in my library as well as sharing them with others. But you know, sometimes they never get back to you:). It was time to take some action! From my studies way back in years I knew that the word exlibris was to way to go, so I did have research on it online and offline, tried many shapes and designs and in the end came up with very simple one color designs. Played with the idea in my mind and sketched it on my notebook many times. On a trip in HoiAn in Vietnam, one rainy afternoon, I sat down and designed a couple of designs for my teacher friends and got them carved out of wood by the artisan around the corner. It is very nice to see them using these stamps to mark their books and belongings.
    Having lived in Japan for a long time, I think I became obsessed with stamps and stamping more, collected special stamps from the temples that I have been to in a moleskine and ended up having a huge basket full of stamps and stamp pads when I left the country:)
    There are many stamp makers in Yokohama and Tokyo. If you simplify your stamp into line drawing with one color, you can get one stamp made for your prints as well.
    Have fun jumping into puddles!
    P.S. I love jumping into puddles with my red boots, too! http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2800913

    1. damienpitter Post author

      Hello Elif!
      I’m delighted you like the design – it’s a high compliment coming from a designer as talented as you. I will try to work out a simpler version in a line drawing that will work at a smaller size for stamping. Did you have a favourite place to have stamps made here? Let me know if you have a recommendation.
      I also thought maybe I would use acid-free stickers/labels instead. I could sign them before sticking them on so there’s no chance of leaving an impression in the photograph. Haven’t decided what to do yet, but it’s getting exciting.
      You and your red boots and Jamie are dearly missed.


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