4 thoughts on “Moon Over Oia

  1. Damien

    Thanks! There was something a little unreal about being there. Like one of those fantastic shooting stars you expect to burn out and be gone, but it just keeps lasting a little longer. It feels like you're wasting something to tear yourself away when you're standing there, but in the end you gotta eat, sleep, get along with your evening. Or you can take a photograph of it, I guess, and hope that's enough to hold on to.
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. SleepyMongrel

    This is a fantastic picture – nice composition, excellent tonal range, full of emotion. I can't imagine it was the easiest thing to expose either!

  3. Damien

    Thanks for commenting! It was a bit tricky to expose, up to a 20 second exposure without a tripod! The beauty of digital photography, though, is that you can afford to try try again.


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