3 thoughts on “Esperanza

  1. Lina

    [“Ella dijo, 'sí creo' y sin pensarlo, respondí, 'sí creo en ti.' Sin embargo, fue solo a causa del silencio que resultó entre nosotros, que comprendí en realidad lo que Esperanza quizo decir.”]

    Hmmm, sounds just as beautiful in Spanish.

  2. Damien

    Thank you, Lina. With my one verb tense in Spanish, that translation is beyond me – to do, not to read. This is a lovely gift.

  3. Lina

    You're welcome – though it was a gift for me to do it; to translate such beautiful words and, in a way, manipulate them, touch them, re-arrange them, and re-create them. If anything, I should be the one thanking you.


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